The 5G Spectrum Compact is the go-to smartphone for your field bag

1.   Practically weightless 

Nothing to way you down - climb with more agility and strength than ever before. The 5G Spectrum Compact only weighs 20oz, so you can get to new heights quicker and safer.

2.   Easy to use

Intuitive, smart GUI makes learning seamless and efficient. Get it and go. Intelligently designed for your safety and ease-of-use first in mind.

3.   Field Proven 

Our gear is always thoroughly field tested, union-endorsed, and designed to keep you solving the day’s problems without all the bulky weight your gear bag is used to.

4.   Only what you need 

Seriously, why pay for fancy whistles you don’t need or use? So affordable, you can equip your entire team and tuck a few spares away, too.

5.   Pricepoint 

The lowest price on the smartest, most-compact 5G gear ANYWHERE — Industry-wide.

A 5G world is speeding our way.

Are you equipped to integrate your work day smoothly alongside the new 5G Nation?

Getting straight to the reason we are in introducing ourselves today is because, as former engineers in the field, early talk regarding the 5G rollouts immediately set off red alerts for us. It is impossible to ignore the inevitability of some rather large implementation issues, a vast shortage of tools, fiber, and especially technology — specifically well-designed, lightweight field equipment that is prepped, ready to go whenever you are, and calibrated specifically for the new 5G bandwidth nation.



“Tiny, easy to hold, and super simple to pick up and navigate...honestly it’s just like having a smartphone for our field kits. I will definitely be ordering one for every person  on my crew,” — one of our first real in-the-field testers who spent a day playing with and testing our brand new SHS 5G Spectrum Compact Signal Detector.

You are the field service engineers who make small and large miracles happen every day. Never quite enough sleep. The missed birthdays and ball games. All the while navigating your own body through impossible and sometimes dangerous places every day - we remember the aches and pain, too. You have a serious job to do, with thousands of folks unaware that you and the strength of your team are all that stand between a few fried cables and all their critical connectivity support systems.

We want you to know that we see you. You are the hero crews who keep America connected; problem-solving every step you take up that pole — and for all that you deserve gear as skillfully designed and prepared for everything as you and your team.

Yes, we admit we are pretty passionate about this little piece of gear and how we think it will be the first real game changer in 5G Signal Detection - the easy to navigate, compact, field-tested design is the smartest, most affordable detection gear coming at you for the 5G rollouts — because Soldier Hill Signal wants you and your team equipped, trained, prepared, and ready to go hard from the moment test rollouts begin.

Here’s to always being a little faster than the competition, just a nudge more agile, and always ready to go first because you are there first - always ready already!