Technicians encounter challenges every day in the wireless industry. Some are simple and some are catastrophic. The one thing that any challenge in this industry shares is whether you have the tools to find, identify, and overcome these challenges. With over 80-Years of experience in the wireless industry, Soldier Hill Signal directly supports Mobile Operators, Contractors, and Engineers in the wireless industry in the efforts of finding, identifying, and overcoming the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Quality Customer Service
Whether you need a custom solution, supply line to one of our partners, or something out of our product catalog, Soldier Hill Signal is poised to provide you with the solutions and support you need in the timeframe you need it. This is because Soldier Hill Signal is uniquely positioned to deliver quality products in a fraction of the time.

Customer Driven
In a market that is sometimes hard to get exactly what you need, Soldier Hill Signal listens and delivers. So if you require something that may not be on the market, we can often come up with creative ideas and solutions for your unique needs. We always strive to give you exactly what you need without attempting to talk you into unnecessary purchases.

Disruptive Innovation
As the wireless industry changes from year to year, the demand for solutions that cost less, are smaller, more efficient, and are better quality will grow. Soldier Hill Signal will always strive to remain fervent in innovating solutions that fit these criteria. With over 80 years of experience collectively in the wireless industry, Soldier Hill Signal is comprised of passionate Engineers, Technicians, and Entrepreneurs that are striving to constantly disrupt the wireless market in a positive way.